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TV Ears® 5.0 DUAL Digital TV Listening System - DISCONTINUED
Product # WP2654
TV Ears Analog 5.0 TV System Amplifier

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TV Ears® 5.0 Digital TV Listening System - DISCONTINUED

With more than twice the number of light emitting diodes, the TV Ears 5.0 Dual Digital TV Listener System is more than twice as powerful than any other TV Ears wireless TV listening system. This product comes with two headsets for listening any time, or with anyone, as well as a Dual Digital Transmitter that has the most powerful digital audio output that TV Ears offers.

The TV Ears 5.0 Digital TV Listener not only offers digital connectivity, but is also compatible with your Dolby Digital, SRS, and PCM products. This product comes with two headsets for listening any time, or with anyone, as well as a Dual Digital Transmitter that has the most powerful digital audio output that TV Ears offers. The TV Ears 5.0 Digital is designed to
work with any TV, with volume working independently from your television's speakers. You control your own volume while wearing the TV Ears 5.0 headset and everyone else can listen to the TV at their own level. The best part is that you'll hear every word.

The TV Ears 5.0 Digital comes with the ultra-light wireless 5.0 Headset. With adjustable tone control and ergonomically angled foam ear tips to block out distracting background noise, you'll hear your TV better than ever before.

The 5.0 Headset has an all new Snap-Fit Charging mechanism ensures a perfect charge every time. Its ergonomically angled and background noise reducing foam ear tips direct unhindered, crystal clear audio directly down the ear canal for the best TV listening experience ever.

TV Ears products offer a proprietary technology called Voice Clarification Circuitry®. An advanced microchip in the transmitter captures the audio signal and amplifies the human speech frequencies above the background noise so that spoken words are clearly audible, basically boosting the sound of the dialogue. Unlike some analog models that merely make all sounds louder, TV Ears' products amplify voice pitch frequencies above other sounds, so words are easier to discern. The words seem to jump out of the track, making even whispers and accents understandable.

  • Designed for individuals with mild to severe hearing loss and/or poor word distinction.
  • Clearly hear your TV without turning up the volume.
  • Works with most TVs, including plasmas and LCDs
  • Digital connectivity with Dolby, SRS, and PCM compatibility
  • 125dB SPL amplification
  • Voice Clarifying Circuitry®
  • Volume and Tone control
  • Operates on 2.3MHz infrared frequency
  • Headset volume works independently from TV volume
  • Lightweight ergonomically designed wireless headset rests under the chin providing maximum comfort.
  • Snap-Fit charging for a secure charge every time
  • Includes patented Comply™ Foam ear tips
  • This system is also available in a Single Headset Analog System and a Single Headset Digital System
  • Installs in minutes
  • Manufacturer's 5-Year Warranty

    System Includes:
  • (2) TV Ears 5.0 wireless, rechargeable headsets
  • TV Ears 5.0 digital transmitter base (holds and charges two TV Ears 5.0 headsets)
  • Optical digital audio cord
  • Auxiliary audio cord
  • Analog audio cord
  • Rechargeable battery (comes pre-installed in headset)
  • Power supply

    Additional Accessories Sold Separately:
  • TV Ears® 5.0 Extra Headset
  • TV Ears® 5.0 Slide-On Foam Ear Tips, 6 Count
  • TV Ears® 5.0 Rubber Ear Tips, 10 Count
  • TV Ears® 5.0 Headset Replacement Battery
  • Price: $279.95
    Quantity: Item currently on reorder

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