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911 Guardian Phone

Product # WP1474
Guardian 911 Emergency Phone

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911 Guardian Phone

Necklace pendant calls 911 with the push of a button and allows the user to speak directly to the operator through the unit.

  • No Monthly Subscription or Service Fees
  • 2-way Voice Emergency Pendant Communicator
  • Pendant works like a regular cordless phone on any standard phone line.
  • Comfortably worn around the neck, clipped on a belt, or carried in a pocket.
  • Phone is battery operated and does not require recharging between uses.
  • Uses standard AAA alkaline battery which generally lasts up to 1 year in standby or up to 30 minutes of talk time.
  • The base station connects to any phone outlet and electrical outlet in a home.
  • Pendant is splash resistant.
  • Includes system test and battery test functions.
  • Voice confirmations during dialing, shutdown, system test, and battery test.
  • Operating Frequency: 900 MHz
  • Range: 600 feet away from base station (line-of-site, when worn around the neck)
  • Can be used with standard analog or digital phone service, VoIP Compatible
  • FCC and DOC approved
  • Size (approx): 1-1/2" wide x 2-1/2"
  • Weighs approximately 2 ounces
  • One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

    How it works:
    In an emergency, press the activation button on the pendant phone and it will immediately call 911. Within seconds, the user speaks directly with the 911 operator through the phone/ pendant. After the 911 operator hangs up or after 4 minutes of inactivity, the Phone automatically turns off.

    Unit Includes:
  • Duplex jack to allow for a second phone to be used on the same phone outlet.
  • AC Adapter and 7-foot phone cord for base unit.
  • AAA alkaline battery
  • Lanyard with quick detachment clip
  • Belt clip for Pendant
  • Instruction Manual
  • Price: $134.72

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