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bed rail pads, bedrail organizer, bedside accessories available for sale from Elder Depot.

Bedside Beverage Holder
Product # WP360

See details
Bedside Beverage Holder
Helpful in assisting those who have difficulty holding drinks. Conveniently clips onto bed frame or wheelchair.

Universal Bed Rail Pouch
Product # WP2927

See details
Universal Bed Rail Pouch
Adjustable 3 pocket bed rail pouch accommodates most 20" wide brand hand bed rails to provide a handy storage area for reading materials, remotes, phones, and other items.

Sheepette® Bedrail Cover for Full Size Bedrails, 74" L
Product # WP1623

See details
FREE Shipping!
Sheepette® Bedrail Cover for Full Size Bedrails, 74" L
Made from soft, plush Sheepette® material for ultimate softness, these bedrail pad covers protect the user from bar entanglement and injury while the rails are in the up position.
  • Fits most full size bed rails

  • $129.74  

    Deluxe Guard Rail Pads with Window, Pair
    Product # WP1080

    See details
    FREE Shipping!
    Deluxe Guard Rail Pads with Window, Pair
    Practical safety bed rail aid that includes a full-length window to help caregivers continuously monitor patients, while allowing patients to see out and feel less confined.
  • For use with Full Rails
  • $219.85  

    Gap Filler
    Product # WP1326

    See details
    FREE Shipping!
    Gap Filler
    Easily fits around the perimeter of the mattress to help eliminate gaps and prevent potential injury, including head or limb entanglement.

    Side Rail Wedges, 1 Pair
    Product # WP1325

    See details
    FREE Shipping!
    Side Rail Wedges, 1 Pair
    Four distinct uses!
    Bed wedge attaches with a hook & loop closure and acts as a gap filler, side rail protector, or patient bed wedge. Can be zippered with Horseshoe Wedge for full bed containment.

    Horsehoe Wedge
    Product # WP1324

    See details
    FREE Shipping!
    Horsehoe Wedge
    Horseshoe shaped bed wedge helps protect users from becoming entrapped between the headboard or footboard and the ends of siderails. Can be zippered with Side Rail Wedges for full containment.

    Vinyl 60" Bed Rail Pads
    Product # WP441

    See details
    FREE Shipping!
    Vinyl 60" Bed Rail Pads
    Foam bed rail pads protect against bed rail entrapment providing a safe and comfortable environment for the user while in bed. Includes a vinyl blue cover that is easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • Size: 60" Length
  • Available in 2 thickness options: 1" or 2"
  • Starting at: $109.95  

    Full Size Bed Rail Bumpers, 69" x 11" x 1"
    Product # WP1771

    See details
    FREE Shipping!
    Full Size Bed Rail Bumpers, 69" x 11" x 1"
    Long 69" foam bed rail pads protect patients from bed rail entrapment or injury. Includes a white vinyl cover that easily wipes clean.
  • Dimensions: 69" Length x 11" Height x 1" Thick
  • $99.85  

    Vinyl 80" Bed Rail Pads
    Product # WP442

    See details
    FREE Shipping!
    Vinyl 80" Bed Rail Pads
    Extra long, foam bed rail pads measure 80" in length and include a blue vinyl cover that easily wipes clean. Provides protection from bedrail entrapment.
  • Size: 80" Length
  • $139.74  

    Urinary Drain Bag Holder
    Product # WP618

    See details
    Urinary Drain Bag Holder
    This black pouch is used to store urinary drainage bags to maintain patient dignity. Can be used with wheelchairs, geri-chairs, and bed rails.

    Uni-Fit Extender Tube for SuperPole
    Product # WP980

    See details
    FREE Shipping!
    Uni-Fit Extender Tube for SuperPole
    SuperPole Accessory
    Slides over the top end of the standard height SuperPole and extends height to fit ceilings from 100"-120".
    *For use with the SuperPole.

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