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Door Alert System
Product # WP2194
SmartCare Anti-Wandering Door Monitor

This item ships FREE!


Door Alert System

This simple Door Alert System allows caregivers to keep tabs on their loved ones without being bothered with alarms blaring every time someone else passes through a doorway.

The main system consists of three easy-to-use components; a door strip sensor and alarm unit, an anti-wanderer wristband, and a caregiver key that resets the alarm. The door strip detects when the anti-wanderer wristband comes within 10 to 14 feet and triggers an alarm; only the wristband triggers the alarm so dogs, kids, and others can pass through the area without causing an alert. The active alarm is easily disarmed by waving the caregiver key over the door strip sensor.

The Door Alert System also comes with an optional door contact switch that, when installed, causes the alarm only to sound when the wristband is in range and the door is open. This cuts back on false alarms and allows the wearer of the wristband to walk by the door without sounding the alarm.

How to Use
Install the Door Sensor Strip(s) and, if desired, the optional Magnet Contact Switch along the desired doorway. Plug the door strip into a nearby outlet and put the Anti-Wanderer Wristband on the at-risk person.

Standard Packages Includes:
  • Single Door or Double Door Sensor Strip(s) (Depending on Package)
  • Anti-Wanderer Wristband : 3/4 x 10 inches; adjustable from 4 1/2 to 9 1/2 inches
  • Magnet Contact Switch: This two part device attaches to the door frame and door to ensure that the alarm only triggers if the door is open.
  • Caregiver Key: This ‘key’ simply needs to be waved over the door strip to disarm the alarm. It attaches easily to a keychain for quick and easy use.
  • Door Strip AC Adapter

  • Wander Protection - Door Sensor Strip detects when wristband comes within 10-14 feet and signals two alarms, one visual and one audible.
  • Easy-to-Use - Door Sensor Strip mounts easily and is turned on just by plugging into an AC outlet.
  • TamperProof - The alarm can only be silenced when the magnetic ‘Caregiver Key’ is passed over the door strip.
  • No False Alarms - Included optional Magnet Contact Switch causes the alarm to trigger only if door opens while the wristband is within 10-14 feet. No more false alarms from dogs, children, or your loved one walking by the sensor strip on their way to the kitchen.
  • Alarm sounds at the door (does not include a paging system; however a Central Monitoring Unit can be purchased in the drop down menu below if multiple doors are being monitored).
  • This system comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee that requires you to fill out a short questionnaire for the manufacturer prior to shipment.

    Using at a Facility
    If you are using this system in a facility, monitoring 2 or more doorways, we highly recommend using the Central Monitoring System. This is a control panel that can be used to monitor several doors and many different patients. The Central System would be set up at the nurse monitoring desk and will alert you if a resident has opened a door. It will provide you with important details, such as which resident is trying to leave out of which door. The Central Monitoring Unit can track up to 999 separate devices (doors and resident wristbands).

    Facility Packaging Suggestions:
  • Purchase as many of the Single Door or Double Door Sensor Strip Systems as needed - one system for each door needing to be monitored.
  • Purchase as many additional Wristband Transmitter(s) as needed - 1 wristband/transmitter per patient/resident. (Each door strip system includes one wristband transmitter).
  • Purchase the Central Montitoring Unit to allow you to monitor and track all doorways and residents from one single location - will monitor up to 999 devices.
  • Starting at: $479.00
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