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Comfort Bath® Heavyweight Rinse-Free Bathing Wipes (Washcloths)
Product # WP3155
Comfort Bath No Rinse Bathing Wipes
Comfort Bath No Rinse Bathing Wipes
Image 1
Water Free Bathing Cloths
Image 2
Comfort Bath No Rinse Washcloths
Image 3
Comfort Bath Rinse Free Wipes
Image 4
Sage ComfortBath Wipes
Image 5
Comfort Bath No Rinse Bathing
Image 6
Comfort Bath Premoistened Bathing Washcloths
Image 7

Comfort Bath® Heavyweight Rinse-Free Bathing Wipes (Washcloths)

These Rinse-Free Heavy Weight Washcloths give the ultimate bathing experience that is gentle for even sensitive skin. No need for multiple products or getting into a tub or shower. These heavyweight cloths are enriched with the maximum amount of cleansers, aloe, and vitamin E to clean and nourish skin. Simply warm Comfort Bath in the microwave for a soothing bathing experience.

Clean, Healthy Skin, No Hassles
Comfort Bath provides the ultimate comfort for bathing with the added benefit of eliminating all other products, including water! There's no more need for soap, water, washcloths or even moisturizers. Unlike washcloths, which can be rough and harsh, Comfort Bath pre-moistened cloths are ultra-soft, yet thick, and are gentle on even sensitive skin. Regular soaps and water can dry skin, but each cloth of Comfort Bath comes soaked in a unique blend of mild, rinse-free cleansers and skin-protecting moisturizers like aloe and vitamin E, leaving skin softer, healthier and smooth to the touch. Our unique formula is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and pH-balanced for healthy skin.

Each package of Comfort Bath Wipes contains 8 cloths, one for each area of the body. Indulge in a comforting bath while cleansing and moisturizing skin.

Soothing Warmth in Seconds
Giving a relaxing, soothing and warm bath is easier than ever, just put Comfort Bath packages in the microwave! Unlike basin water, which starts cooling immediately, Comfort Bath's insulated package keeps cloths warm throughout the bathing process.

Ultra-Soft and Durable Washcloths
You don't have to worry about Comfort Bath washcloths not holding up during bathing. Our washcloths have superior strength and durability while being softer than the average laundered washcloth. Comfort Bath provides a stronger and easier alternative to ordinary thin, flimsy wipes that can tear during bathing.

Don't Catch the Basin Bug
If you've spent the night in the hospital, you've probably used an unassuming pale pink, yellow, or blue bath basin. What you may not know about these basins is that they can easily become contaminated with bacteria and can lead to infection.

Prepackaged bathing helps eliminate the basin and its associated contamination risks. In fact, 95% of hospital nurses surveyed agreed that prepackaged bathing is a cleaner and potentially safer method than basin bathing 1. A separate survey found that 86% of infection control professionals recognize that the bath basin is a potential safety risk1. One published medical study took samples from 1,103 basins in 88 hospitals and found that 100% of the participating hospitals had basins that tested positive for bacteria2. Here are some of the bacteria they found:
•Staphylococcus, the bacteria associated with Staph infections
•VRE, a bacteria resistant to several antibiotics
•MRSA, also known as the"superbug"3

Contact with these bacteria can lead to serious infections. Comfort Bath washcloths eliminate the contamination risk by eliminating the need for basins. Each Comfort Bath cloth provides high quality, pre-moistened cloths. Now you can bathe in the comfort of your own home.

Hassle-Free Bathing
when using Comfort Bath, you don't need multiple bathing supplies or the need for a water source, which eliminates the risk of getting someone with limited mobility into a tub or shower. Comfort Bath eliminates the need for soap, water, washcloths and moisturizers

  • Ultra-soft, Heavy Weight Washcloths
  • Requires no rinsing.
  • pH Balanced, Hypoallergenic & Latex-Free.
  • Aloe Vera & Vitamin E enriched with no alcohol.
  • Leaves skin clean, refreshed & odor-free.
  • Can warm washcloths in a microwave.
  • Insulated, resealable packaging.
  • Eliminates mess, cleanup, and the need to change wet bed linens.
  • Mild, fresh scent
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Wipe Size: 8" x 8"
  • Each pack includes eight (8) bathing wipes for one complete bath
    Packaging may vary from image shown.

    Always check bathing wipes after heating to make sure they are not too hot to avoid burning skin.
    1. Peel open label without removing.
    2. Warm package no longer than 30 seconds.
    3. Since microwave wattage varies, adjust heating time accordingly.
    4. Reseal label to retain warmth.
    5. Discard immediately if washcloths are dry.
    6. To reheat a minimum of 2 or more cloths, warm in package for no more than 15 seconds.

    Use one washcloth for each area of the body then discard. Package for individual use only. DO NOT FLUSH CLOTHS IN TOILET.

    1. Face, Neck, Chest
    2. Right Arm/Axilla
    3. Left Arm/Axilla
    4. Perineum

    5. Right Leg
    6. Left Leg
    7. Back
    8. Buttocks

    AVAILABILITY (Volume Discounts):
  • Eight (8) Wipes/Washcloths per Package
  • Available as 5-Pack, 12-Pack, or 24-Pack
    (Choose your option from the drop down menu below)
  • Pricing: $29.95

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