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New Products

Bariatric Transfer Board with 2 Cut-Outs, 735 lb capacity
Product # WP3113
$119.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
Durable Wood Bariatric Transfer Board includes 2 cut-outs for easy gripping at either end of the board and is constructed of a smooth, durable 3/4 inch Southern Yellow Pine that is lightweight and easy to use, yet supports bariatric users up to 735 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 735 lbs.
  • Size: 32"L x 10"W x 3/4"D

  • Simply Thick EasyMix Gel Thickener, Level III Honey Consistency, 100/Case
    Product # WP3342
    $69.85   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    EasyMix pre-measured packets are in gel form to allow for fast and easy preparation of beverages anywhere. Each individual serving packet produces a honey consistency (level 3) and is designed to thicken 4 oz. of beverage at one time.
    Case of 100 (12g Packets)

    Prevail® Air™ Overnight Stretchable Briefs
    Product # WP3348
    Starting at: $79.95   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    For Heavy to Complete Incontinence
    Replaces Prevail® PM Extended Wear Briefs
    Ideal for heavy bladder or bowel leakage with overnight absorbency, this revolutionary brief offers exceptional protection, comfort, and breathability with Skin Smart Fabric containing Aloe, Chamomile, & Vitamin E.
  • Available in 3 Sizes from 26" to 70"

  • Bed Ladder
    Product # WP3171
    $19.74   | See details
    This bed ladder is designed to enable the user to pull themselves upright to a sitting position while in bed, or lower themselves to a supine position by grasping the ladder's web rungs using a hand-over-hand motion. It may also be used for upper body exercise.

    Clarity TL100 Bluetooth TV Listener
    Product # WP3105
    $166.85   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    Connect the TL100 to your TV and any Bluetooth device and hear everything clearly without disturbing those around you. Smart technology automatically mutes sound when the headphones are removed, and if a cell phone is paired, the TCL100 will announce incoming calls as well!

    Williams Sound Pocketalker® Personal Amplifier 2.0
    Product # WP3174
    $189.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    This personal hearing system amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise. Ideal for one-on-one conversation, small-group and television listening, or conversing in the car. Use with or without hearing aids. Simply plug in your earpiece, position the microphone near the preferred sound, adjust volume to your comfort – and start listening.

    Econo® Wheelchair Leg Hugger & Foot Extender
    Product # WP3173
    $69.95   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    This Footrest Extender with Leg Support is designed to solve two important problems: It provides support to control foot drop and it prevents residents’ feet from slipping off footrests. Constructed with wipe clean outer vinyl.
  • Fits Wheelchairs & Geri-Chairs: 16"-18" wide

  • SimplyThick Easy Mix Gel (Honey, Nectar, Pudding Consistency), 1.6 Liter Pump Bottle
    Product # WP3343
    $86.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    Simply Thick EasyMix bottle and pump is designed for simple, quick use in situations that require maximum flexibility in thickening. The bottle can be used for all 3 consistencies: nectar, honey, and pudding. Mixing directions are on the bottle label.
    1.6 Liter Pump Bottle

    Gravity 7 Long Term Care Pressure Redistribution Mattress, 36" x 80" x 6"
    Product # WP3220
    $229.85   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    This widely popular high quality therapeutic foam mattress maximizes value and comfort with 3 full layers of latex free foam; providing pressure redistribution and shear/friction reduction to ensure you get the perfect night's sleep.
  • Size: 36"(W) x 80"(L) x 6"(H)

  • Quick Suction Grab Bar
    Product # WP3344
    Starting at: $38.74   | See details
    Extra Long Suction mounted grab bar attaches with large suction cups to the shower wall or tub for quick and easy non-permanent installation.
  • Fits 4" tiles
  • SIZES: 19.5" Length or 23.5" Length

  • Ensure® Clear Nutrition Juice Drinks, 24/Case
    Product # WP3144
    $39.99   | See details
    Case of 24 (8-fl-oz cartons)
    Great-tasting alternative for better nutrition! This clear fruit flavored liquid nutrition drink contains high-quality protein and essential nutrients.
    240 Calories per Carton
    Available in Mixed Berry or Apple!

    Bolt On Hinged Toilet Seat (3.5"), STANDARD, Off-White
    Product # WP3154
    $39.95   | See details
    The hinged toilet riser raises the toilet seat 3.5" and hinges to make it easy to clean. The two piece unit locks together and will raise up with the seat to allow the user to wipe down under the riser.
  • STANDARD (Color: Off-White)

  • PT Bed Cane
    Product # WP3128
    $109.95   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    The PT BedCane makes it easy to sit up, and get in-and-out of bed. It’s great for those who have back pain, recovering from surgery, or simply just need a little extra support while getting in-and-out of bed.

    Bolt On Hinged Toilet Seat (3.5"), ELONGATED, Off-White
    Product # WP3153
    $39.95   | See details
    The hinged toilet riser raises the toilet seat 3.5" and hinges to make it easy to clean. The two piece unit locks together and will raise up with the seat to allow the user to wipe down under the riser.
  • ELONGATED (Color: Off-White)

  • RediWash® Rinse-Free Shampoo Cap
    Product # WP3157
    Starting at: $6.95   | See details
    This pH balanced shampoo cap leaves hair fresh and clean without water! This All-in-One Hair Cleansing System provides Caregivers a convenient and easy way to wash the recipient's hair without needing to leave the bedroom.
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