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Silver Screen Legends: Ida Lupino - 4 DVD Set

Product # WP2297
Silver Screen Legends: Ida Lupino - 4 DVD Set Bette Davis Synergy

Silver Screen Legends: Ida Lupino - 4 DVD Set

Ida Lupino was born on February 4, 1918 in London to a show business family. Ida came to Hollywood in 1934 as a bleached blonde, playing small parts. Her parts in films improved in the 1940s and she began to describe herself as "the poor man's Bette Davis" becoming known for her hard-boiled roles.

This set features Gene Autry, the famous Singing Cowboy, in four of his classic films.

One Rainy Afternoon (1936, Black and White, 94 Minutes)
Also starring Francis Lederer.
Phillippe mistakenly kisses the wrong girl in the darkened cinema. His real date is outraged and the beautiful woman he kissed in intrigued.
The Bigamist (1953, Black & White, 80 Minutes)
Also starring Joan Fontaine and Edmon O'Brien.
When Harry and Eve try to adopt a baby, Harry's secret double life is discovered.
Strangers in 7A (1972, Color, 74 Minutes)
Also starring Andy Griffith.
A building superintendent and his wife are held hostage in their apartment by a would-be bank robber and his spaced-out accomplices.
My Boys are Good Boys (1978, Color, 90 Minutes)
A mother thinks her boys are good boys, but they are plotting to rob an armored car.
Price: $17.98

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