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Recreational Activities for Seniors

Great Gifts for those with Low Vision, Dexterity Issues, Dementia, Alzheimer's, or Parkinson's

Providing mental stimulation for seniors and the elderly is extremely important for health and wellness. Recreational activities such as playing cards, games, reading, doing puzzles, watching old classic movies, and listening to music from their generation are great ways to relieve boredom and stimulate mental health.

Large print playing cards are available for low vision as well as playing card holders and battery operated card shufflers for those with dexterity issues. Pokeno is a favorite group game among seniors that is like bingo, but played with playing cards.

There are also a wide variety of 36-piece jigsaw puzzles with larger pieces available for those with Dementia, Alzheimer's, or problems with dexterity. There are 350-piece puzzles with larger size pieces for low vision or problems using small puzzle pieces. And for family interaction, we have the 400-piece family puzzles that provide various size pieces so that you can enjoy working on a puzzle together.

For quality alone time, we provide large print books for easy reading, classic movies and TV Shows (like Lawrence Welk) are available on DVD and oldies music available on CD and in sets that are sure to bring back good memories and provide a smile.

Classic Movies & TV
Classic Movies & TV
Seniors will enjoy these wonderful classic movies and TV shows from the past! Famous titles from the early 1900's such as Judy Garland, Gene Autry, and Mickey Rooney. And let's not forget the famous Lawrence Welk show!
Oldies Music
Oldies Music
Seniors and the elderly are sure to enjoy familiar classic oldies music from the early 1940's. Shop CDs by singer song legends such as Doris Day, Glenn Miller, Roy Rogers, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, and many more.
Large Print Books
Large Print Books
Large print books for seniors make reading easy for those with vision difficulties. Find the best deals on our deeply discounted books to pass the time.
Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles
Puzzles for those with Dementia or Alzheimer's include 36 larger sized pieces for just the right amount of difficulty to allow enjoyment without the frustration.
Games for Seniors
Games for Seniors
Pokeno Board Games for seniors are great for a fun group activity. Similar to bingo, this game is played with decks of large print cards and can accommodate up to 24 players.
Low Vision Cards
Low Vision Cards
large print playing cards and gifts for seniors or the elderly availble for poker, bridge, pinnochle, double decks, and gift sets.
Card Accessories
Card Accessories
playing card holder and gifts for seniors and the elderly to assist with holding cards available for sale at Elder Depot.

Featured Products

Bicycle® Original Pokeno Game
Bicycle® Original Pokeno Game
Enjoy the popular PO-KE-NO game that combines the thrill of poker and the suspense of keno! Includes 12 Original Bicycle Jumbo Index (Large Print) Game Boards and 200 Pokeno Chips.
See details
God and Hillary Clinton: A Spiritual Life (LARGE PRINT BOOK)
God and Hillary Clinton: A Spiritual Life (LARGE PRINT BOOK)
* SAVE 75% * Retail Price $24.95
Acclaimed historian, Paul Kengor,...
See details
Silver Screen Legends: Hedy Lamarr - 4 DVD Set
Silver Screen Legends: Hedy Lamarr - 4 DVD Set
Hedy Lamarr, famous actress of MGM's "Golden Age", in four of her classic films.
  • Algiers (1938), The Strange Woman (1946), Dishonored Lady (1947), & Let's Live a Little (1948).
  • See details
    CD: Nat King Cole, Central Avenue Breakdown
    CD: Nat King Cole, Central Avenue Breakdown
    14 songs from Nat King Cole on compact disc.
    See details for song listings.
    See details
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