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Adaptive Eating Utensils for Elderly and Disabled

Adaptive eating utensils for disabled seniors, the elderly or anyone with dexterity problems due to tremors, arthritis, parkinsons, and many other ailments. These adaptive utensils can help improve the dining experience by making it easier to grab, grip and manipulate flatware or cutlery. Special grip utensils include large grip, weighted utensils, bendable forks, rocker knives, angled spoons and complete adaptive silverware sets. Special foam tubing can also be purchased for a "cut to size" option which goes over the handle(s) of your current utensils for a larger grip eating utensil.
Closed Cell Foam Tubing Hand Grips, 6 / Package
Product # WP2427
$14.85   | See details
Slip-resistant & Easy to Grip
Closed Cell Foam tubing used for creating larger grip handles for silverware, toothbrushes, and many other tools.
  • Cut to desired length
  • Dishwasher Safe!

  • Foam Grip Tubing, 6 / Package
    Product # WP374
    $14.85   | See details
    Closed Cell Foam tubing used for creating larger grip 1" diameter handles for silverware, toothbrushes, and many other tools.
  • Cut to desired length
  • Dishwasher Safe!

  • Universal Cuff, Adjustable
    Product # WP1558
    $9.95   | See details
    Comfortable utensil holder is fully adjustable to meet your particular condition and hand size. Holds eating utensils, toothbrushes, or other small items.

    Flexible Utensil Set w/ EZ-Grip Handles
    Product # WP744
    $29.95   | See details
    Complete dining set includes stainless steel rocker knife, spoon and fork that can be angled up 90 degrees, and large, non-slip handles for easy gripping.

    Spoon & Fork Holders
    Product # WP818
    $5.95   | See details
    Comfortable built-up handle fits easily on on most standard spoons and forks and is easily removable to take along while eating out!
  • 2 Per Package

  • Maddadapt II Built-Up Dining Utensils & Cutlery
    Product # WP2220
    $32.95   | See details
    For people with upper extremity weakness or reduced range of motion. These stainless steel utensils feature built-up handles for people with arthritis, weak grasps or other hand limitations. Their contoured shape makes them easier to hold and use.

    Universal Built-Up Handle, 4 Pack
    Product # WP2811
    $19.95   | See details
    Ergonomic, soft, built-up handle makes it easier for people with arthritis or limited grasping ability to self-feed and perform other activities of daily living.

    UBend-It™ Bendable Utensils
    Product # WP1724
    $9.95   | See details
    Stainless steel fork or tablespoon features a comfortable built-up handle and can be easily hand-bent to the left or right to accommodate limited range of motion.
    Available in Fork or Tablespoon

    Universal Utensil Strap
    Product # WP926
    $5.99   | See details
    Convenient hook and loop strap is designed to attach utensils comfortably to your hand providing additional gripping power.
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