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tablet crushers and pill splitters available for sale at Elder Depot.

Locking Tablet Cutter w/ Safety Shield
Product # WP2152

See details
Locking Tablet Cutter w/ Safety Shield
This tablet cutter easily cuts large pills in half, rendering them easy to swallow. Comes with optional locking bar to allow for safe transport and storage.

Deluxe Tablet Cutter
Product # WP728

See details
Deluxe Tablet Cutter
High-quality tablet cutter features a 3 compartment pill box on the bottom of the unit and stainless steel blade. Innovative wings hold pills up to 3/4" or slightly larger.

Magnifying Pill Cutter
Product # WP729

See details
Magnifying Pill Cutter
Magnifier highlights the exact center of pill to be cut by 2x its original size! Quality stainless steel blade and easy to use design cuts tablets of various sizes and shapes up to to 1-1/2".

Pill Crusher, Metal
Product # WP2167

See details
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Pill Crusher, Metal
Easily crush pills into powder that can be mixed into food or drinks with this heavy-duty die-cast crusher. The chrome-plated zinc with aluminum and stainless steel fillings is corrosion resistant and built to last.
  • Never buy another pill crusher.
  • $99.74  

    Vitamin Splitter
    Product # WP813

    See details
    Vitamin Splitter
    Easily divides all pill sizes with a stainless steel blade. The innovative "V-Shaped" wings holds the vitamin in place, so you can simply press down on the lid.
  • Includes pill storage compartment
  • $7.29  

    Ultra Fine Cut n' Crush
    Product # WP731

    See details
    Ultra Fine Cut n' Crush
    Pill cutter and crusher in one! Features stainless steel blade, flexible "arms" that hold any size pill steady, serrated grinding surfaces, and built-in pill container.

    Pill Pulverizer
    Product # WP814

    See details
    Pill Pulverizer
    Easily crush hard to swallow pills into powder so they can be mixed with food or put into drinks. Convenient storage container built into lid. Small and easily portable.

    Tablet Crusher with Pill Container
    Product # WP1944

    See details
    Tablet Crusher with Pill Container
    Crushes pills and tablets effortlessly with serrated crushing disk turning them into a fine powder so they can be mixed with food or put into drinks. Convenient pill storage container built into lid. Small and easily portable.

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