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Magnifying Glass with Light & other Magnifiers for Reading

When the fine print on your pill bottles becomes harder and harder to see, even in a good light, perhaps it's time to keep a magnifying glass close by. We carry several types of magnifiers for different applications. A hand held magnifying glass is useful for enlarging the view of small objects or fine print on an as-needed basis. There are also full page magnifiers for reading books or documents without having to follow the words (as you might with a smaller, hand held magnifier).

Magnifying glasses with lights are also available to help see better in darker rooms or for those that need brighter light to read more easily. These lighted magnifiers illuminate the font while enlarging the print for the ultimate reading experience. Aside from standard hand-held magnifiers, there are also specialty items such as the Smart Phone Magnifier, which enlarges the screen for smart phones.
Compact Magnifying Glass
Product # WP1404
$4.79   | See details
Large enough to see clearly when needed, yet small enough to be totally portable, fitting easily into a purse or pocket.
  • 2X Magnification

  • LED Illuminated 4X Handheld Magnifier
    Product # WP2835
    $8.97   | See details
    * SAVE 40% * Reg. Price $14.95
    See fine print with ease in light or in the dark with this 4X magnifier with dual function built in LED lights so you can have either one bright Focus Light or 5 LED Reading Lights.

    *CLR Illuminated Magnifier, Hands Free
    Product # WP1893
    $6.47   | See details
    * SAVE 50% * Reg. Price $12.95
    Illuminated hands-free magnifying glass brings fine print and small details into focus with 5X magnification. Features a built-in light so that you can clearly see what you are looking at.

    Computer + Reading Glasses Combo Pack
    Product # WP2980
    $6.47   | See details
    * SAVE 50% * Reg. Price $12.95
    Set of 2 Reading Glasses with stylish unisex frames that magnify in your choice of +1.5, +2.0, +2.5, or +3.0 to help reduce eye strain. Includes regular readers to help read fine print and tinted readers for digital screens, which are 1/2" power weaker than the regular reader as recommended by doctors.

    Smart Phone Magnifier
    Product # WP2979
    $5.95   | See details
    Turn your smartphone screen into a tablet-sized screen. Adjustable magnifier moves up and down to help you read text, watch movies, or view other items on screen. Includes foldable stand and convenient phone holder for the perfect view. Magnifies your phone up to 3X.

    Full Page Magnifier
    Product # WP712
    $4.95   | See details
    Deluxe framed magnifying sheet is lightweight, unbreakable, ultra-thin, and large enough to cover an entire letter size page at once. Magnifies 4X clearly and comfortably, ending eye strain and squinting.
    Lens Size: 12" x 7-1/2"

    Rectangular Reader, Folding Magnifier
    Product # WP391
    $19.74   | See details
    Folding Adjustable Magnifier
    Magnifies small print in a wider area and the folding handle allows you to adjust the angle. Lens is 2" x 4" in dimension and has 2x and 4x magnification lenses.
    Includes soft carrying case

    Magnifier with Tweezers
    Product # WP1703
    $5.29   | See details
    Simple one-hand operation! Stainless steel tweezers include magnifier attachment for assistance with removing slivers other small particles.
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