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Hair Washing Trays and Shampoo Basins

Keeping hair clean is an important part of hygiene and is typically a more difficult task than with body cleansing. Luckily, there are some handy hair washing aids that can help you with this.

Hair Washing Trays

These handy hair washing trays allow you to wash hair easily at a sink without having to worry about the water spilling over to the floor. The person can be seated or in a wheelchair with their back facing the sink. The seat will need to be at the appropriate height level so that the tray can be tilted on a downward angle for water to go into the sink basin. These shampoo trays make hair washing at the sink a breeze!

Shampoo Basins

When someone is fully disabled or handicapped and confined to a bed, washing hair can be a challenging task. While we do carry a full line of no rinse shampoo caps, sometimes you may just prefer a real hair washing to get the fullest clean feeling. Great news! Our Hair Shampoo Basins allow the caregiver to provide a true hair washing experience with water while laying in the bed. These hair wash basins contain the water while the user lays comfortably resting with their head in the inflatable shampoo basin. Once finished, you simply empty the basin and you're all done.
Deluxe EZ Hair Shampoo Basin for Bed
Product # WP923
$39.74   | See details
This durable inflatable hair washing basin allows for a refreshing, revitalizing shampoo without getting out of bed. Comfortable and convenient for both the user and the caregiver.

Hair Washing Tray
Product # WP1052
$27.85   | See details
Easy-to-use hair washing tray is contoured to fit neck comfortably and rest on the user's shoulders for easy shampooing in a seated position. Includes curves sides to prevent water from spilling over.

Inflatable Shampoo Tray
Product # WP692
$14.95   | See details
Easily wash hair in bed with this shampoo basin that is sized like a pillow and includes a large drain tube for easy drainage into a pail.

Clear Shampoo Cape
Product # WP2425
$14.95   | See details
Waterproof and chemical/stain resistant shampoo cape protects skin and clothing while hair is being washed, cut, dyed or styled.

Deluxe Shampoo Cape
Product # WP2426
$29.95   | See details
High quality reversible shampoo cape is made of stretch fabric that is water, chemical, stain and wrinkle resistant. Protects skin and clothing while hair is being washed, cut, dyed or styled.

Inbed™ Head Wash System
Product # WP381
$149.85   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
Inner Wall Draining System
Holds 2 gallons of water and includes an inner drain plug that empties to fill the outer walls so you can easily pick up and carry the unit away to empty it.

Wheelchair Shampoo Rinse Tray
Product # WP422
$119.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
Can be used for shampooing, ear irrigation or scalp treatment while the individual sits in a wheelchair.

EZ-Bathe™ Inflatable Bath Tub
Product # WP987
$374.00   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
Enjoy a safe, convenient bath without leaving the bed. The user simply rolls onto the vinyl tub, which is then inflated around them using the included wet-dry vacuum.
Includes pillow, drain hose, hose w/ shower head, wet/dry vacuum, etc.
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