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Medicine Cabinet Toiletries for Seniors

Over the Counter Sundry Items for Seniors and the Elderly

Check out our large selection of various toiletries and other items for seniors and the elderly. Products include oral care, such as swabsticks and denture products; ear care, such as ear syringes and ear plugs; vision care, such as eye drop guides for medication, eye washes, and eyeglass accessories. We also carry a full line of pill organizers, pill cutters, and tablet crushers.
Fever Thermometers
Fever Thermometers
Detect a fever easier than ever with these quick check digital oral thermometers, accurate ear thermometers, and 15 second temperature forehead strips.
Oral Care & Swabs
Oral Care & Swabs
For those with oral dysfunction, foam mouth swabs can help provide adequate oral hygiene. Also shop denture storage cups and other oral care products.
Ear, Nose & Throat
Ear, Nose & Throat
Medical Masks to help reduce the spread of germs, ear syringes for easy irrigation, ear plugs, medicine cups and oral syringes for proper dosing of medications.
Vision Care
Vision Care
Eye drop guides assist with applying eye medications, eye wash cups, and glasses accessories such as nose pads, temple pads, cleaning items.
Pill Organizers
Pill Organizers
No more missed medications! These pill boxes will help seniors and the elderly take their medication on time and as prescribed. Large variety to choose from.
Pill Cutters & Crushers
Pill Cutters & Crushers
Pill cutters allow pills to be cut in half for easier swallowing; while the tablet crushers grind up the pills or medication to be put directly into the food or a drink.
Anti-Fungal Treatment
Anti-Fungal Treatment
Over the counter antifungal ointments help to treat and relieve the pain and discomfort of superficial fungal infections in adults, typically caused by yeast.

Featured Products

Autodrop Eye Drop Guide
Autodrop Eye Drop Guide
Ideal for use with most eye drop bottles. Holds the eye open and directs drops to make application easier and eliminate the wasting of medication.
See details
Silicone Nose Pads for Eyeglasses
Silicone Nose Pads for Eyeglasses
Silicone nose pads provide a non-slip effect by holding eyeglasses in place. Can be doubled if additional padding is needed.
  • Package of 4 Pads
  • See details
    AM/PM 7-Day Pill Reminder Tray
    AM/PM 7-Day Pill Reminder Tray
    Convenient Pill Tray includes 7 separate AM/PM Pocket Med Packs, each with two compartments. Each individual pill box is a different color for easier distinction.
    See details
    Fast Read Thermometer
    Fast Read Thermometer
    Accurate and quick 30-Second Read digital thermometer includes beeper, memory, auto shut-off and protective case and battery.
    See details
    Pill Pulverizer
    Pill Pulverizer
    Easily crush hard to swallow pills into powder so they can be mixed with food or put into drinks. Convenient storage container built into lid. Small and easily portable.
    See details
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