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Corded Phones for Seniors - Big Button & Hearing Impaired Phones

Find the best hearing impaired phones with large dialing buttons. These are all landline home telephones ideal for seniors and the elderly as they provide big buttons for low vision and various levels of amplification for hearing loss. These senior-friendly phones also provide many other beneficial features for seniors and the elderly, such as talking caller ID, talking keypads to assist with dialing, extra loud speakerphones, answering machines and much more. We carry phones for sale from all of the top manufacturers, including Clarity, Serene Innovations, Clearsounds, Amplicom, Geemarc and others.

Fast & Free Shipping on Phones for Seniors

In most cases, your Phone should be delivered to your door in 2 to 3 business days. Corded Phones ship on the same business day (if ordered by 2:00pm EST).
Orders placed after 2pm EST ship the following business day. Business days are Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).
Clarity® E814™ Amplified Phone with Expansion Handset
Product # WP2638
$119.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
This corded base telephone with cordless expansion handset includes an amplified answering machine, Caller ID, 40dB amplification, large dialing buttons, and 5 one-touch memory dial buttons.
  • Expandable up to four (4) handsets

  • Future Call 40dB Amplified Big Button Phone
    Product # WP2739
    $52.94   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    For Low Vision & Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss
    The Future Call FC-1507 is a line-powered, corded telephone with 40dB amplification for users who are hard of hearing, big number buttons for easy visibility when dialing, and is hearing aid compatible.

    Geemarc® AmpliPOWER60 Amplified Phone
    Product # WP2751
    $127.46   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    For Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss & Low Vision
    The Geemarc AmpliPOWER60 is one of our loudest amplified phones at 67dB! It also features a speakerphone, nine (9) one-touch memory and three (3) emergency buttons, along with large dialing buttons.

    Clarity P300 Photo Phone
    Product # WP291
    $69.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    For Memory Loss, Low Vision, and Very Mild Hearing Loss

  • 9 Picture Buttons (One-Touch Dialing)
  • 18dB Amplification

    Dial from a Picture! This large button, 18dB amplified telephone is great for those with low vision, memory loss, or dexterity problems who may also have slight trouble hearing a conversation.

  • Clarity JV35B 50dB Amplified Talking Phone with Braille
    Product # WP300
    $129.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    For Low Vision & Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss
    Features amplification up to 50dB and Extra Large High Contrast Keys with Braille characters. Announces pre-programmed names in your own voice!

    Geemarc® AMPLI200 Amplified Phone
    Product # WP2743
    $99.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    For Moderate Hearing Loss & Low Vision
    The Geemarc AMPLI200 is a multifunction corded telephone with 45dB amplification with tone control, speakerphone, and nine (9) one-touch memory buttons.

    Clearsounds CSC600 UltraClear Amplifying Speakerphone
    Product # WP1867
    $139.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    For Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss & Low Vision
    Powerful 50bB amplification, volume adjustable speakerphone, Large Print Talking Caller I.D. that speaks the Name of the Caller, ring flasher, large dialing buttons & More!

    ClearSounds® CSC500 Amplified Spirit Phone™
    Product # WP2249
    $89.50   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    For Memory Loss, Low Vision, and Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

  • 8 Picture Buttons (One-Touch Dialing)
  • 3 Memory Buttons (One-Touch Dialing)
  • 30dB Amplification
  • Speakerphone

    The Spirit Phone is a large button, easy to use 30dB amplified telephone with eight (8) photo dial buttons, (3) additional one-touch memory dial buttons, and a full duplex speakerphone in base.

  • Clarity® Alto Amplified Phone
    Product # WP2749
    $139.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    The Clarity Alto amplifies caller's voices up to 53dB and includes a speakerphone, 10 one-touch memory buttons and 15dB of outgoing voice amplification.

    Future Call FC-1204 Amplified Voice Activated Phone
    Product # WP3083
    $169.85   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    For Moderate Hearing Loss, Low Vision, and Dexterity Issues

    The Voice Activated Phone is Here!
    All-in-one voice dialer phone lets you make calls, end calls, and answer calls without ever needing to touch the phone! Includes 3 voice commands and 17 name/number memories. It also includes a convenient pre-dial feature that speaks the numbers before dialing.

    Serene Innovations HD-60J Jumbo Button Amplified Phone
    Product # WP2032
    $139.85   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    For Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss & Low Vision
    Offers 55dB of amplification, jumbo keypad, front & side ring flashers, automatic "off-hook" warnings, with High-Definition Sound Technology for un-matched voice clarity and sharpness without any distortion, echo, or squealing.

    Fanstel ST150 Amplified Business Speakerphone
    Product # WP2044
    $149.50   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    This sophisticated 52dB amplified business phone digitally adjusts volume levels for user needs and includes an 83dB amplified speakerphone, large screen caller ID, 7 one-touch speed dials, voicemail indicator light.

    Geemarc® AmpliCL100 Amplified Phone
    Product # WP3086
    $67.50   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    Simple, Easy to use Phone
    Simple operation, large dialing keypad, and nine (9) one-touch memory dial buttons help make this phone a great choice for many seniors who may have difficulty using complicated phone features. Includes 30 dB of amplification for mild hearing loss.

    Big Button Amplified Speakerphone
    Product # WP3087
    $50.94   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    For Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss & Low Vision
    This basic 40dB amplified corded phone includes large dialing buttons, standard speakerphone, and 10 two-touch memory dial buttons.

    Clarity® Alto Plus Amplified Phone
    Product # WP2750
    $159.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    The Clarity Alto Plus amplifies caller's voices up to 53dB and features a talking Caller ID with large LCD display, talking keypad, speakerphone, and 15dB of outgoing voice amplification.
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