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Voice Amplified Phones and Speech Amplifiers

Are you having trouble hearing an elderly relative or friend over the phone? Sometimes speech becomes lower as we age for a variety of reasons. A great solution for this is voice amplified phones that increase the outgoing voice of the user. Most of these phones include incoming voice amplification, as well as about 15dB of outgoing voice amplification so the user can be heard better.

In addition to the speech amplified phones, there are also personal voice amplifiers, that can be worn by the user to increase their voice during face to face conversations or in any type of conversational environment. These speech amplifiers are especially helpful in noisy environments, such as restaurants or crowded gatherings. The speaker can be worn around the waist and is connected to a speakerphone headset, which will enhance the sound of speech by about 15 decibels.

Fast & Free Shipping on Voice Amplified Phones

In most cases, your device should be delivered to your door in 2 to 3 business days. Voice Amplifiers ship on the same business day (if ordered by 2:00pm EST).
Orders placed after 2pm EST ship the following business day. Business days are Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

Clarity® XLC2+™ Cordless 50dB Amplified Phone
Product # WP3094
$139.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
For Easy-to-Use Operation, Low Vision, & Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss

  • Speakerphone
  • Talking Keypad & Caller ID
  • 50 dB Incoming Sound Amplification
  • 15 dB Outgoing Speech Amplification

    The XLC2+ is an extra loud, simple and easy-to-use amplified cordless phone featuring up to 50 decibels of Digital Clarity Power™ amplification, DECT 6.0 technology, and a loud and clear speakerphone. Large, high contrast buttons are easy to press and see, and speak the numbers as they are dialed. There is no need for a Caller ID screen, the handset speaks the number of the incoming caller.

  • Clarity® Alto Amplified Phone
    Product # WP2749
    $139.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    The Clarity Alto amplifies caller's voices up to 53dB and includes a speakerphone, 10 one-touch memory buttons and 15dB of outgoing voice amplification.

    Geemarc® AmpliCL100 Amplified Phone
    Product # WP3086
    $67.50   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    Simple, Easy to use Phone
    Simple operation, large dialing keypad, and nine (9) one-touch memory dial buttons help make this phone a great choice for many seniors who may have difficulty using complicated phone features. Includes 30 dB of amplification for mild hearing loss.

    Clarity® Alto Plus Amplified Phone
    Product # WP2750
    $159.74   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    The Clarity Alto Plus amplifies caller's voices up to 53dB and features a talking Caller ID with large LCD display, talking keypad, speakerphone, and 15dB of outgoing voice amplification.

    Geemarc® AMPLI550 Amplified Phone
    Product # WP3082
    $149.85   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    For Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss & Low Vision
    The Geemarc AMPLI550 is a multifunction corded telephone with 52dB incoming volume, up to 12dB of outgoing speech volume, 15dB speakerphone, talking keypad, and six (6) one-touch memory buttons.

    ADDvox7 Voice Speech Amplifier
    Product # WP2150
    $169.95   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
    The 7 watt ADDvox7™ is ideal for assisting communication in noisy environments—such as restaurants or crowded gatherings—for individuals with temporary or permanent voice impairments and to help those who rely on an electronic speech aid, voice prosthesis or who use esophageal speech.
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