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Tub Rails and Bathtub Handrails

Tub rails are a great device to assist with getting in and out of the bathtub or for help with getting up from a bath chair. A tub rail can be installed on any area of the bathtub wall where assistance will be needed and that will not interfere with the individual getting into and out of the tub. A tub rail is a great option for individuals who would benefit from a secure hand grip to help pull themselves up from a seated position or who need assistance when entering or exiting the bathtub.

Tub Rails VS. Grab Bars

The difference between a standard grab bar and tub rail is that the grab bar installs permanently on the walls of the bathroom, whereas the tub rail installs directly onto the side of the tub and can be installed and removed without any damage to the tub. Grab bars are typically installed vertically or horizontally on the wall and can provide a higher gripping surface if needed. Tub rails will typically have a lower gripping surface, which may work well for those using bath chairs. When a tub rail is used together with a wall grab bar, the user can then have a hand grip on both sides while entering or exiting the tub.

Tub rails are available in many different designs and sizes to fit individual needs. The first thing to consider is the construction of your bathtub. Most tub rails are designed for ceramic or other hard surface bathtubs and will not work with fiberglass tubs as the wall is not strong enough to safely support the rail installation and user weight. We do carry a tub rail that will work with fiberglass tubs. You can view this item by Clicking Here.

It is also important to note that tub rails cannot be used with Claw Foot Tubs or with tubs that include sliding doors, as the metal rods will prevent proper installation. For users with these types of bathtubs, you can consider using wall mounted grab bars or Support Rails that install as a tension mounted rod/ pole.

Choosing the best Tub Rail

There are many tub rail designs to choose from and few things to consider when choosing the best tub rail. It may be a good idea to check the thickness of your bathtub wall before buying a tub rail. Most tub rails will fit standard size tub walls, typically adjustable from approximately 3"-7". Almost all tub rails install without tools (simply by hand tightening) and include pads so that they will not mar or scratch the tub surface during installation and tightening.

Design and Placement of the tub rail are also important factors dependent upon the individual needs of the user. Most rails run horizontally with the tub wall; however, vertical installation tub rails are also available. Some users prefer the tub rail to run perpendicular to the tub wall as they don't want the tub rail interfering with getting in and out of the tub. The most important thing to remember when choosing a tub rail is the location of the rail. It should be installed in a place that will aid the user with getting in and out of the tub, but not cause any obstacles or interference.

Many users who are using a bath chair find a tub rail installed on the bathtub wall and a wall mounted grab bar on the other side useful for helping to pull themselves up to a standing position. Although some bath chairs include arms, these are typically meant to assist users with pushing themselves upward to a standing position. However, it is sometimes easier for users to have an option to pull themselves up.

Tub rails are available in various lengths, heights, adjustable height, and there are those with multi level gripping surfaces to provide for a hand grip at different levels.

Adjustable Height Tub Rail
Product # WP1381
$69.85   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
Height Adjusts from 14.5" to 17"
Deluxe Clamp-on tub rail features sturdy steel construction with an attractive powder-coated finish and non-slip handle grip for tub entry and exit.

Clamp On Tub Rail
Product # WP370
$59.85   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
Dual level tub rail is constructed of a sturdy powder-coated steel and secures without tools using a non-marring rubber clamp to provide a convenient hand-grip for tub entry and exit.

Premium SecureLock Tub Grip
Product # WP1876
$69.95   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
Innovative, ergonomic tub rail handle with anti-slip grip provides optimal support and comfort and inclues an easy locking lever for easy installation and removal.

Fiberglass Bathtub Rail
Product # WP1815
$59.85   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
Designed for Fiberglass Tubs
The wide area of this bathtub rail helps disperse weight evenly, making it ideal for fiberglass tubs. Attaches easily with a mounting clamp.

Dual Level Bathtub Rail
Product # WP1034
$69.85   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
Durable, chrome-plated steel bathtub rail has a second crossbar for dual level (hi-low) gripping, in addition to a textured, non-slip gripping surface to enhance safety and convenience.
  • Rail Size: 18"(H) x 11.5"(W)

  • Suction Tub Bar w/ Safety Indicator, White
    Product # WP1881
    $12.95   | See details
    Suction mounted tub bar attaches with large suction cups to the shower wall or tub and secures using flip tabs that include a unique color safety indicator to ensure the bar is secure.

    Product # WP3528
    Starting at: $19.95   | See details
    Suction cup mounted grab bar attaches with large 4" suction cups to a smooth, clean surface shower wall and secures using flip tabs that include a safety light indicator to help detect suction.

    Suction Tub Bar w/ Safety Indicator, Chrome Color
    Product # WP1884
    $17.95   | See details
    Suction mounted tub bar attaches with large suction cups to the shower wall or tub and secures using flip tabs that include a unique color safety indicator to ensure the bar is secure.

    Product # WP3487
    $22.49   | See details
    * SAVE 10% * Reg. Price $24.99
    Extra Long Suction mounted tub bar attaches with large suction cups to the shower wall or tub and secures using flip tabs that include a color safety indicator to ensure the bar is secure.
  • 16-1/4" Length, White

  • 24
    Product # WP1904
    $29.95   | See details
    Balance assist suction bar attaches with suction cups that include flip-up easy release tabs to secure to the surface and provides an extra long 24" length gripping bar.
  • Tub or Wall Installation

  • Dual Suction Grip Handle w/ Indicator
    Product # WP1839
    $22.74   | See details
    Flexible suction plates secure this tub handle in place without tools or permanent installation. Includes a Rotating Grip that swivels 180 degrees enabling a custom angle for optimum positioning.
  • Tub or Wall Installation
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