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Heel Pillows and Foot Elevators

Heel pillows (foot pillows) are a simple option to help prevent pressure sores (bed sores) by alleviating any focused concentration of pressure on the heel. The foot, and especially the heel, are still indirectly in contact with the bed. However, the pressure is not as concentrated onto one area so blood flow to the general area is improved.

Foot elevators work in a similar fashion but, instead of dissipating the pressure over a wider area, pressure is eliminated from the foot and heel by suspending the foot in mid-air. Pressure will be transferred to another part of the body, usually the calf. While this rarely poses new issues, it should be monitored in case anything negative does occur.

Blue Foot & Heel Pillows
Product # WP2617
$27.85   | See details
Designed to relieve pressure on feet, heels, and ankles whether in bed or in a wheelchair by helping prevent tissue breakdown.
Includes 2 Pillows (Pair)

Ultra Soft Fiber Filled Heel Cushions / Foot Pillows, Pair
Product # WP3172
$29.85   | See details
These ultra soft foot pillows are filled with fluffy spun fiber for cushioning and comfort to protect sensitive heels against pressure sores. Covered with low-friction brushed polyester fabric to reduce skin shear. An extra-wide strap with Velcro closures keep the cushions securely in place.

Gel Foam Foot & Heel Cushion Protector, Pair
Product # WP2618
$49.85   | See details
The Gel Foam Heel Cushion combines comfortable, resilient foam with gel to relieve heel pressure. The water-based gel insert cools to reduce skin damaging perspiration. Covered with an ultra soft brushed polyester fabric that prevents skin shearing and friction, the Gel-Foam Heel Cushion is completely durable and completely launderable.
Includes 2 Pillows (Pair)

Posey 4
Product # WP470
$33.85   | See details
This 4" wide spiral foot elevator comfortably lifts the lower leg completely off the bed to help offload the heel and prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

Posey 6
Product # WP472
$39.85   | See details
This 6" wide spiral foot elevator comfortably lifts the lower leg completely off the bed to help offload the heel and prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

Heel Protector Boot Posey® Blue
Product # WP2615
$36.85   | See details
Heel Protector Boot helps provide protection of the lower leg/foot to prevent skin
breakdown. Side ventilation holes promote air circulation.
One pair per package

Posey Heel Pillows, Pair
Product # WP458
Starting at: $39.85   | See details
Redistribute pressure and protect feet from skin irritation and friction burns with this pair of plaid poly/cotton heel pillows in Standard size or Large size for those with larger feet or edema.
Includes 2 Pillows (Pair)

Medi-Pak™ Heel / Elbow Protector Pad
Product # WP2619
$13.95   | See details
These pad protectors guard against trauma from hard surfaces, such as wheelchairs and foot boards. Economical protection for heels and elbows.
One Pair per package
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