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Shop Slide Sheets (Draw Sheets) for Positioning & Transfer Pads

Slide Sheets, are sometimes referred to as draw sheets, as they are used to facilitate turning patients from side to side while they lay in the bed. The transfer pad or slide sheet is laid flat under the middle section of the patient. The flaps or handles on each side allow the caregiver to turn the patient from side to side with less strain on their backs and provide more comfort for the patient when positioning in the bed. You want to be sure when using a draw sheet that the bed rail on the side you are turning the patient is up so they do not fall out of the bed.

Draw sheets are commonly used in the healthcare field to change adult diapers, clean and bath patients, change bedding or simply prop the patient up on their side more easily. These types of positioning pads allow you to do all of these tasks while the patient remains in the bed.
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Reusable UnderPad w/ 17" Wing Tucks (Waterproof Draw Sheet)
Product # WP1332
$17.95   | See details
Cloth Waterproof Underpad and Drawsheet in One!
Waterproof bed pad measures 35" x 35" and includes two 17" tuckable flaps on each side to help keep pad in place and assist with positioning.
Size: 35" x 35" with Wings
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