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Bed Alarms for Elderly & Dementia Patients - Prevent Falls & Wandering

Our corded and wireless bed exit alarms are easy to set up and a great tool for caregivers so they can easily monitor attempted bed exit or chair exit for elderly and those with Dementia.

Sensor pad alarms can be placed on the bed so that when the person gets up and the pressure is taken off of the mat, the alarm will alert the caregiver that the person is attempting to exit the bed. The alarm can be set to go off in the room, outside of the room, or can sound a pager for the caregiver. Some caregivers prefer the pager option so as not to startle the patient. There are also voice message alarms that you can record a message asking the person to get back in the bed or sit back down.

In addition to the bed alarms, the monitors also work with chair pad sensors to alert you when the person is getting up from their seat or wheelchair. Floor mat sensor pads are another popular option for being alerted to either a bed exit or a room exit. If the floor mat is placed next to the bed, the alarm will sound once a certain amount of pressure is placed on the mat. If placed in a doorway, you will be alerted if the person is attempting to cross that threshold once pressure is placed on the mat.

These bed alarms are perfect for caregivers taking care of those with Dementia or Alzheimer's to help prevent falls and wandering. The alarms and pagers will typically work up to 150 feet from the sensor pads, which is sufficient to cover the square footage of most homes.

In addition to the sensor alarms, we also carry more simple motion sensor alarms that will alert the caregiver once the person passes through the invisible beam, which can be adjusted and placed next to the bed, above a doorway, or anywhere desired. You can can also purchase nurse call buttons so the patient can press a button and page the caregiver.

In addition to all of these personal alarms, we also carry more advanced door sensor and monitoring systems for assisted living and nursing facilities.

We offer Free Shipping on ALL orders over $50.00!

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