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Canes Accessories and Enablers

Spruce up your cane with a new cane tip, replacement cane handle, or cane strap. Shop the full line of cane accessories and enablers.
Hand Loop for Canes
Product # WP717
$6.95   | See details
Black nylon hand loop is universal to fit all size canes and ensures that the cane stays on your wrist without falling when you need to use your hands.

Self Standing Cane Tip
Product # WP2629
$14.95   | See details
Simply replace your cane tip with the Self Standing Cane Tip to provide increased stability and allows your cane to stand on its own!

Ice Attachment for Cane
Product # WP1098
$9.95   | See details
Five stainless steel prongs provide the user with extra stability when walking over icey areas. Easily attaches to most canes.

Foam Handle for Cane
Product # WP1096
$4.95   | See details
Universal replacement foam handle provides a comfortable grip and fits most canes.
  • Available Colors: Black, Gray, or Bronze
  • 1 Handle per Package

  • Essential Cane Holder
    Product # WP2657
    $7.95   | See details
    Easily Attaches to any Cane! Allows the user to rest their cane on a table or other surface while they attend to other tasks.

    Cane Holder, 2/Package
    Product # WP823
    $3.95   | See details
    Keep your cane ready and where you want it!
    Simply peel the protective liner from the attached self-adhesive tape and press onto places where the cane is usually positioned.
  • 2 Per Package

  • Walking Stick & Umbrella Holder
    Product # WP1402
    $4.29   | See details
    Keep your Cane or Umbrella Handy with this self-adhesive clip that is designed to secure to the wall or other surface so that it is always available where you need it.
  • 2/Pack

  • Wrist Strap for Cane
    Product # WP1097
    $3.95   | See details
    Universal replacement wrist strap prevents you from dropping your cane and will fit most brands of canes.
  • Available in black and bronze
  • 1 Strap per Package

  • Cane & Walker Tips (2/Pack)
    Product # WP1094
    $6.95   | See details
    Universal replacement tips for Canes or Walkers are available in 3 Sizes and in either a black or grey color.
  • 2 Tips Per Package

  • Quad Cane & Walker Tips (4/Pack)
    Product # WP1095
    $8.95   | See details
    Universal replacement tips for Quad Canes or Walkers available in 2 Sizes and in either a black or grey color.
  • 4 Tips Per Package
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