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Arthritis Aids and Tools

Arthritis and limited hand mobility can make routine tasks difficult for seniors and the elderly. These general arthritis aids will help you regain independence and enable a better grip in everyday situations. You can browse our full line of arthritis products, including key turners and enlargers, doorknob grippers and extenders, big lamp switch enlargers, tube squeezers and much more.
Folding Exercise Peddler with Electronic Display
Product # WP2390
$59.95   |  FREE Shipping!   | See details
This peddler is ideal for leg and arm muscle exercising and includes a five functon electronic display, anti-slip rubber pads and easy folding design for storage.

Doorknob Gripper
Product # WP817
$5.95   | See details
Fits over existing doorknobs to create an easier-to-turn gripping surface for users with arthritis or those who have a weak grip.

Card Player® Card Holder
Product # WP390
Starting at: $12.85   | See details
Attractive, fan shaped playing card holder is perfect for anyone with limited finger strength and dexterity.
  • Buy the 4-pack and Save 15%.

  • Great Grips Door Knob Gripper, 2/Package
    Product # WP2810
    $15.88   | See details
    * SAVE 20% * Reg. Price $19.95
    Removable Glow-in-the-dark inserts!
    Easy no-tool installation door knob gripper makes it easy to turn round and awkward doorknobs for arthritis sufferers, people with disabilities, and senior citizens who may have trouble gripping the door handle.

    Big Lamp Switch, Single
    Product # WP359
    $12.85   | See details
    The big lamp switch knob is easy to see, grip, and turn for those who have difficulty with small knobs.

    Ring Pull Can & Jar Opener
    Product # WP2261
    $14.85   | See details
    Never break another finger nail or bruise another knuckle opening ring pull cans and jars. This handy Ring Pull Can and Jar Opener will open ring pull containers with ease and safety.

    ErgoSoft Pen Again + 2 Refills, Medium Black
    Product # WP2930
    $9.95   | See details
    Ergonomic writing pen with a soft silicone coating includes a "Y"-shaped design to help reduce the need to squeeze the pen tightly when writing - decreasing gripping strain.
    Includes 2 Bonus Refills

    3-Way Easy Opener
    Product # WP822
    $4.79   | See details
    Easily opens twist off bottles, pull tab cans, and boxes. Great for those who need additional assistance providing proper leverage with minimal stress. Includes an easy-to-hold, textured grip.

    Key Turner, Single
    Product # WP697
    $8.74   | See details
    Improves grip and turning leverage when using a key for those with hand weakness or arthritis. Key slips easily into device and stays securely in place.
    Holds one key.

    Large Grip Key Turner, 3 Keys
    Product # WP921
    $11.85   | See details
    Never struggle with door locks again. This large grip key turner holds up to three (3) keys and improves leverage for those with arthritis or a weak grasp. Keys fold when not in use.
    Holds up to three (3) keys.

    Maddagrip Opener, 2/Pack
    Product # WP677
    $13.85   | See details
    Provides a convenient grip for those with weak hands. The soft shape conforms to almost any size cap allowing the user to effortlessly open anything from small vials and bottles to large jars.

    Multiple Key Holder, 4 Keys
    Product # WP698
    $17.65   | See details
    Practical key holder ends the struggle of turning keys in locks by providing a rigid handle for extra leverage. Great for those with limited hand function or arthritis.
    Holds up to 4 Keys.

    Closed Cell Foam Tubing Hand Grips, 6 / Package
    Product # WP2427
    $19.95   | See details
    Slip-resistant & Easy to Grip
    Closed Cell Foam tubing used for creating larger grip handles for silverware, toothbrushes, and many other tools.
  • Cut to desired length
  • Dishwasher Safe!

  • Grab N' Pull Seatbelt Reacher
    Product # WP2895
    $12.95   | See details
    This seat belt reacher easily attaches directly to the car's seatbelt in order to provide a convenient large gripping handle to allow the user to put on their seat belt without any issues!

    Dusk to Dawn Control, Screw-in
    Product # WP1060
    $7.96   | See details
    Add safety & security to your home!
    Automatically turns lights on at dusk and off at dawn to ensure that you will always come home to a lighted entrance. Ideal for table lamps, dark hallways, porch lights, driveways, etc.
    Screw in Model
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