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Central Monitoring Unit (up to 40 Devices)
Product # WP2214
433-CMU-40 Smart Caregiver Central Monitor
433-CMU-40 Smart Caregiver Central Monitor
Image 1
Central Monitoring Unit
Image 2
Central Monitoring Unit for 40 Sensors
Image 3

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Central Monitoring Unit (up to 40 Devices)

The Central Monitoring Unit allows you to monitor up to forty (40) separate sensor pads and devices at the same time. Compatible with the 433mhz Wireless Components, such as the Cordless Bed Pads, Chair Pads, Floor Mats, Nurse Call Buttons and Motion Sensors (each sold separately).

Eliminate In-Room Alarm Noise
This Central Monitoring Unit allows you to monitor multiple Wireless sensor units from one central location, such as a Nurses’ Station. This eliminates bothersome in-room alarm noise & significantly reduces the tripping hazards associated with corded units.

Know Who Needs Help
Upon activation, the Central Monitor alerts audibly and the display visually indicates which resident originated the alarm. At a glance, this provides caregivers with the detailed information they need to protect their patient population.

Real Time Pager Notification
The Central Monitor also has the option to communicate instantaneously with any number of Pager Units (*sold separately). Upon activation, the pager audibly alerts and the LCD screen displays which sensor unit activated the alert. This enables caregivers to attend to their traditional duties yet be alerted in real time that a resident needs assistance.

How it works: Each resident can be assigned a sensor pad, floor mat, motion sensor, or nurse call button. Wireless signal is transmitted silently to central monitoring unit; notification will then correspond with a number (1-40) that caregivers can associate with each resident. The Central Monitoring Unit tracks on the display which alarm has been activated and an audible alarm will sound. If purchased with the pager (sold separately), the caregiver will be notified on the pager. The maximum wireless transmission range between all products shown and the Central Monitoring Unit base is 300 feet with all antennas fully extended.

  • Provides the ability to track up to 40 separate sensors and devices at one location.
  • Alerts you as to which sensor device has triggered the alarm.
  • Eliminate in-room alarm noise; various components silently send a signal to the central monitoring unit
  • Optional caregiver pager (sold separately) for real time notifications.
  • Includes re-set button on central monitoring unit.
  • Signals up to about 300 feet from the sensor, depending on building layout.
  • Adjustable Volume (3 volume options) up to 90 decibels
  • Systems may be pre-programmed prior to delivery or easily re-programmed using the provided instructions.
  • Included AC Power Adapter
  • Battery Operated, 4-C Required (Not Included)
  • Can be used as a free-standing unit or mounted on the wall with the included bracket and screws.
  • 11 language options (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Cantonese & Mandarin)

    Compatible with up to forty (40) devices
    Choose from the items below (all sold separately).

  • 10" x 15" Cordless Chair Sensor Pad with transmitter & 45-Day Warranty
  • 10" x 15" Cordless Chair Sensor Pad with transmitter & 90-Day Warranty
  • 10" x 15" Cordless Chair Sensor Pad with transmitter & 1-Year Warranty
  • 10" x 30" Cordless Bed Sensor Pad with transmitter & 45-Day Warranty
  • 10" x 30" Cordless Bed Sensor Pad with transmitter & 90-Day Warranty
  • 10" x 30" Cordless Bed Sensor Pad with transmitter & 1-Year Warranty
  • 20" x 30" Extra Wide Cordless Bed Sensor Pad with transmitter & 1-Year Warranty
  • 24” x 36” BLACK Cordless Floor Mat Sensor with Transmitter & 1-Year Warranty
  • 24” x 36” GRAY Cordless Floor Mat Sensor with Transmitter & 1-Year Warranty
  • 24” x 48” Long Gray Cordless Floor Mat Sensor with Transmitter & 1-Year Warranty
  • 24” x 71” X-Long GRAY Cordless Impact Landing Floor Mat Sensor with Beveled Edge, Transmitter & 1-Year Warranty

    Can be placed in various locations, such as next to the bed or above doorways and will activate when a user passes through the invisible infrared beam.
  • WINDOW & DOOR SENSOR This sensor can be easily installed on window and door frames. When placed on a door frame, it will alert you when the door is opened as a wander prevention tool. Can also be used on windows to alert you when they have been opened. Once contact is broken, the alarm will be triggered.
    Can be placed in various locations, such as the bedroom or in the bathroom, and will activate alarm when pressed to indicate help is needed.
    When this optional accessory is purchased with the Central Monitoring Unit, it will notify you remotely when an alarm is activated and indicate the corresponding number assigned to that alarm.
  • Price: $96.50

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